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Sexy Scottish Singles - Whisky BOX



4 single malts from the independent state of Scotland.

This theme is a reverent salute to an exquisite range of imported, boutique single malts, each with a gorgeous taste profile borne of unique whisky-making terroirs of Scotland, impeccably steeped in tradition and heritage. Och Aye! What would the world be without the true blue?

What's in the box:

  1. Your four 25ml tasting samples
    A pipette for controlled adding of water
    A block of high quality fudge used as part of a pairing exercise
    Some barley samples for referencing during the tasting
    An epic tasting mat that is more than just a place for your glasses, it's an artwork!
    An easy-to-follow setup guide
    Your access code to a 1 hour tasting session present by The Rebels online

*TWR box does not contain any tasting glassware, but we do sell those beautiful tasting glasses right here.

**Nationwide delivery typically within 2 - 4 working days subject to 3rd party courier fulfilment.


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