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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based?
We are a South African company with a warehouse in Wynberg (Sandton, Jhb). We have a presence in JHB and CPT but tastings are offered nationally.

Are you a venue/restaurant?
No, we are not a stand alone venue/restaurant/bar. We are a mobile service so we come to you - either at your home, office or venue/restaurant of choice! We also offer virtual (online) tastings.

Can you recommend a venue?
Yes! We have a list of wonderful venues/restaurants that have allowed us to host tastings in both Gauteng and the Western Cape. Please get in touch with us and we’ll send you our latest list. Contact here.

Do you have your own venue?
Yes. Our warehouse in Wynberg (Sandton, Jhb) doubles as a fantastic, rustic space to host larger events (15 - 25 guests). Please get in touch for more information, hire fees and images. Contact here.

I am looking for a memorable corporate gift/experience, what can you offer?
Our virtual tasting boxes make ideal socially-responsible corporate gifts and the experience is certainly memorable. Most elements of the box can be customised to suit your corporate ID and the add-on products are limitless. Add a pack of specialty tasting glassware, a tasty snack pack, a premium bottle of spirits related to the theme or any additional branded materials. We handle all the printing, packaging and delivery. Please get in touch for more information, costs and testimonials from the many corporate clients we have worked with. Contact here.

When will my box order be delivered?
We use The Courier Guy to deliver your goods. Delivery can take between 1 and 4 working days. If you need your order delivered sooner please get in touch with us and we’ll always go out of our way to assist. Shop here.

Do you offer food pairing/catering?
We do not provide food but can recommend a couple of excellent caterers that we’ve worked with in the past.

Do you offer wine or Champagne tastings?
While we do not present wine or Champagne/MCC ourselves, we have excellent service partners that we can manage to provide a turnkey service.

Can you pair cigars with your whisky tastings?
Typically we don’t work with cigars and don’t encourage the pairing. Cigar smoke tends to overpower everything, impacting the efficacy of the tasting, and can make the experience unpleasant for those in the group who do not smoke. You are more than welcome to source your own cigars and enjoy them after the presentation has finished.

How does the pre-recorded virtual presentation work?
A selection of our tasting themes are available as a pre-packaged box, the TWR BOX, available in our online store. Pick a theme and we will courier your order to your door. Set up your box according to the instructions on the insert card. Scan the QR code on the inside of the box lid and this will link to a webpage with a video presentation of your theme. Keep checking back for newly released themes! Shop here.

How does the live-streaming virtual presentation work?
This option requires a minimum spend of 10 pax/boxes and depends on our calendar availability. Pick a theme from our brochure and we will courier individual boxes to each recipient (or to one central address). Set up your tasting according to the instructions and at an arranged time we will meet you online and broadcast a quality production to your group via a streaming or video chat platform (Teams/Zoom). This allows you to ask questions and get as close to a live tasting at a quality bar or distillery.

What are your delivery costs?
For a pre-recorded box, ordered through our online store, delivery is free within Gauteng and R65 per order outside of Gauteng. For a live-streaming presentation (min 10pax) we charge R65 per delivery address or up to R350 for a bulk delivery to one address, depending on the size of the order and location of that single address. Shop here.

Can one box be used for more than one person?
Each box contains enough for one person to enjoy the full experience. You will need one box per person taking part. Shop here.

Does the TWR Box come with glassware?
No it does not. You can purchase tasting glassware through our online store or simply use the glasses that you have at home, it really doesn’t matter. We find wine glasses work best (anything with a fluted shape) or just use some tumblers. What is important is that you have enough glasses to match the number of samples your box contains. You need to pour each of them out to maximize the tasting experience. Shop glassware here.

How do I access the pre-recorded virtual presentation online?
Scan the QR code on the inside of the box lid. This will link to a webpage with the video presentation of your theme. If you’re struggling with the QR code please let us know and we’ll gladly email or whatsapp you the required link.

How long is the virtual presentation/experience?
Depending on the theme you’ve chosen it can take between 45 to 60min to complete.

Is there a minimum guest/spend for the Virtual tastings?
There is no minimum spend requirement for our pre-recorded TWR BOX orders. For a live-streaming presentation where we meet you online (via Zoom/Teams) and present ‘live’, we require a minimum spend of 10 guests/boxes.

Is there a minimum guest/spend for live (in-person) tastings?
For bookings from Thursday to Sunday we require a minimum spend of 10pax. For bookings from Monday to Wednesday we can accommodate groups of 6 and up.

How long is the in-person presentation/experience?
From arrival to departure we would need roughly 2 hours: 30-45 minutes to set up, 60 minutes for the presentation, 15-20 minutes for clearing. This can vary depending on the number of guests and how talkative/engaged the group is (we love it when you ask us all the questions)!

What do we need to provide for the in-person presentation?
All we need from you are tables and chairs to seat your guests - we provide everything else needed for the presentation. You are more than welcome to decorate the space as much as you like, just leave a roughly A3-page-sized space in front of each seated person for our mat and glassware.

Can we serve food during an in-person presentation?
Ideally we prefer having no food on the tasting tables as it tends to distract from the tasting experience. You're welcome to provide snacks/food before and after the tasting. If you're providing food before, we just suggest staying away from anything with too much chili or garlic.

We have guests that don’t drink alcohol - how can they be included?
If your group is participating in a gin tasting, we can offer a non-alcoholic version of this tasting. For the other spirits, your non-participating guests are more than welcome to observe the presentation. It’s a fun, conversational experience so they will enjoy it even if they’re not taking part.

Do you have any non-alcoholic options?
We do have the option of a non-alcoholic gin tasting.

Are your products kosher?
We are very respectful of the need for kosher products and we will always substitute where necessary to accommodate your needs. Most spirits (apart from a few gins) are deemed kosher, as is the fudge we pair with our whisky tastings.

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