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So Basically...

IN 1790

 American states had stacked up a bunch of debt during the American Revolution. Then this one guy Alexander Hamilton was just totally not cool about it and he pushed the federal government to take over the debt and impose an excise tax on whisky. This other dude, George Washington, was being a lekker oke and opposed to Alex’s tax idea. He asked local governments for input, and they were keen on the whisky tax idea.


was not such a lekker oke anymore. He told congress to pass the bill and the whisky tax was in place. Obviously this caused a massive shit storm. Small producers were screwed over big time and larger producers managed to keep up with tax, so this thing was kind of unfair too.

Protests broke out everywhere, dudes got super angry, everyone refused to pay the taxes, things got violent. Then things got even more hectic.. 700 men marched to Bower Hill demanding the surrender of this lawmaker guy Neville. This guy was damn scared and ordered soldiers to protect him, then the protestors burned down Neville’s lekker house and barn and alles. Washington government sent military dudes and it was crazy scenes. They tried to arrest guys but couldn’t really find the instigators of the protest.

The tax stayed in place until 1802, but it was barely collected as our dudes refused to pay tax for our beloved golden nectar.

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