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Gin Tasting

Gin is not what it used to be, through our tasting experiences you will learn about this resurgence. Driven by the high-end boutique market, and the use of high quality and interesting botanicals, gin is arguably the worlds most fashionable drink (again). It is the quintessential cocktail drink, one that has a long and checkered past steeped in unusual turns and some controversy.

Our gin tasting presentation guides you through the broad world of gin, tasting some of the best local and international products we can get our hands on. Specially paired up garnishes are then added to each of the gins to compliment them and along with some craft tonic we ultimately build up a range of unique G&T’s.

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Let The Fun Be-GIN

Dressed up as a clown for good reason, King WIlliam III finds himself as the center piece of our design - an ode to his immeasurable influence on the popularity of gin.

Forgive Us Father For We Have Ginned

6 Gins with all the bells and whistles. In the same manner as our other gin theme, we explore everything from history to production. 
The tasting experience is engaging, young and fresh, and appeals to the craft searching connoisseur and everyday audience alike.
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