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Whisky Tasting

Need we say more...be prepared to unleash your rebellious side and take part in the ultimate whisky tasting experience.

For groups of 10 or more people

Full of anecdotes & interesting facts, we come to your venue & bring everything needed. Tastings are conversational, fun, informative and educational – ensuring a memorable experience. No doubt we’ll engage all your senses and show you how your brain interprets both flavour and smell.
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Sexy Scottish Singles

4 single malts from the independent state of Scotland. A reverent salute to an exquisite range of independently imported, boutique single malts.

Mystic Dragon

5 Whiskies. We take you on a journey East where countries like Japan, Taiwan, India and others are creating award winning whiskies.

Fight Night

6 whiskies that punch above their weight from these two power-house whisky producing nations.

Whisky By Design

4 whiskies selected on quirky design elements such as the finer crafts of spirit making, packaging and bottle design.

East vs. West

With world whisky awards falling onto both hemispheres, here is a chance for you to experience them both represented on one mat – 3 exquisite examples from both sides.

Windows To The World

6 whiskies from 6 different countries, including Japan & Taiwan


4 – 6 whiskies or spirits from our back-room collection. We won’t tell you how we got our hands on them even if you ask very politely.

The Wonders Of Whisky

4 whiskies that serve as an excellent introduction to the “water of life”,
by no means lacking in quality though.


Dressed up as a clown for good reason, King WIlliam III finds himself as the center piece of our design - an ode to his immeasurable influence on the popularity of gin.
The tasting experience is engaging, young and fresh, and appeals to the craft searching connoisseur and everyday audience alike.
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