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Welcome to our world, where spirits, travel, and education converge to create unforgettable experiences.

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Everything you need to liberate your taste buds your doorstep

See How it Works

In-person Tastings

A seated tasting presentation (min 10 pax/spend) of your chosen spirit (whisky, gin, tequila, rum or brandy/cognac). We'll bring everything to you: an expert presenter, all the glassware, mats, booze and props. The presentation takes roughly an hour and depends on our calendar availability.
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Tasting Stations

Our tasting stations are more casual. Guests can come up to the stand at their leisure while an expert from our team pours tasters, offers pairings and provides information on the chosen spirit.

Interactive Workshops

We offer a Whisky Blending Workshop (develop a unique recipe to blend and bottle your own take-home whisky) or a Gin Infusion Workshop (fill your own botanicals infusion bag to steep and bottle your own take-home gin).

Our Rebellious Clients

  • deloitte
  • tangent solutions

Some words from our Rebels...

  • Your tasting was really well done, the cocktails were superb and your general light hearted, informal manor was well received and appreciated"


    Enigma Group

    Not only was it well prepared (loved the tasting mat) but it was fascinating as we were taken from a level of no whisky understanding to a level of understanding the background, make up, intricacies and now onto a real whisky. No whisky will ever tast the same again!!!

    It was a great team building session. We all learnt together and had a lot of fun!!"


    Boehringer Ingelheim

    The partners had a great experience even got some of them asking for your details.

    Looking forward to working with you guys in future.



  • We have received from our clients about the gin tasting and ofcourse the cocktails were a massive hit! 

    You and your team were so charismatic and made our clients feel so comfortable creating exactly the right atmosphere, we will definitely be having a whisky tasting in the near future."



    We all loved it and will definitely do it again!"



    Everything could not stop talking about it for the rest of the day and everyone really enjoyed it heaps...

    We were impressed by your knowledge, and your ability to adjust to quite a random crowd and make it an overall top experience. I cannot recommend you highly enough and I will certainly be an ambassador for your brand"


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