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We've changed the game to bring a whisky and gin tasting experience to your home and corporate office. Whether it be for a birthday, anniversary, or corporate event, our whisky corporate gift pack is as versatile as it is thoughtful and concise. 

Everything you need for a whisky and gin tasting

Our whisky and gin corporate gift packs are fully kitted out with everything you'll need to have your own tasting including an access code to a 1-hour tasting information session presented by The Rebels online. This session gives you the opportunity to enjoy a whisky or gin tasting experience at the location of your choice on your own terms. 
Each whisky and gin tasting gift pack includes our selection of top-quality spirits in glass vials, taste pairings, garnishes, a pipette for controlled adding of water, an easy-to-follow setup guide, and a unique tasting mat that is both functional and artistic.

whisky corporate gift packs

Whisky and gin tasting and pairing experience 

Each gift pack is complete with garnishes, like dehydrated strawberries and lemons, or samples of interesting products like juniper berries to better understand the flavors in a gin tasting. For whisky, there may be taste pairings like handmade fudge to compliment one of the whiskies in the lineup. We've thought of everything so you don't have to! 

To complete your tasting experience you can now order crystal tasting glasses directly from TWR. The shape of this tasting glass helps to release and concentrate the aromas while diffusing harsher elements. Each tasting glass has a 210ml capacity and there are 3 glasses in each pack. Order yours to complete your tasting set.

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