Whisky Tastings

The tasting experience is engaging, young and fresh, and appeals to the craft searching connoisseur and everyday audience alike. This can be integrated as a half hour experience before or after a meal, or a longer dedicated experience depending on your requirements.
Aaah, whisky. The water of life, liquid sunshine. They say that whisky and friendship go together – like bread & butter, batman & robin, spongebob & patrick. Did you know that whisky shares the same family heritage as beer, and that the varieties of flavour are endless? If you don’t like the taste of whiskey, it doesn’t mean you don’t like whiskey. It means you haven’t found the right flavor for you.
A typical tasting offers 4 whiskies selected according to a specific theme, ranging from boutique, small-batch whiskies to new and interesting whiskies from all over the world. Themes can also be customized to suit your specific occasion or tastes.

Available Themes:

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