Art Without The Pretence

A long-time obsession with skateboarding inspires the graphic work of Ninjabreadboy. His line-based style of illustration reflects his passion for graffiti and tattooing and all visual aspects of the skateboarding sub-culture.

After graduating in 2010 with a BA (Applied Design), and wanting to pursue a career in the field of illustration, he worked as an illustrator, designer and animator in the advertising industry while carrying on with various personal projects. With a Peoples Choice Eagle Award nomination, 5 Loerie Awards short-listings since 2009, and being selected as an Emerging Creative at the Design Indaba in 2013, he moved away from his position in advertising to pursue his career as a freelance illustrator.   

Passionate about applying his style to as many mediums and techniques as possible he now works and collaborates on various projects, constantly trying to find new ways of applying his style.

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