About Us

“There will always be whisky snobs; members of the old guard who drink their whisky just-so, and think everyone else is wrong about everything. But there’s a rebellion afoot – a movement designed to breathe new life into whisky and all its traditions, rules, myths and magic; a movement that invites everyone to the whisky-fueled party.”

– Belinda Rose-Innes
Whisky Live Newsletter June 2015

A message from the owners:
Stemming from a background of music, bands, engineering, wine farms, sheep farms, food, travel and entrepreneurship, we decided to start our own company that through the medium of spirits brings people together. We love to continue learning, and share what we have learnt, and look forward to many exciting developments. Our company will no doubt transform as we grow, and we have some big goals to reach so it’s an exciting time for us, and we wish to thank everyone who continue to support us along the way.
– Carl and Sean

Our manifesto:

The Whisky Rebellion stands for freedom, from the first sip to the last. We dismantle the rules, challenge tradition, enlighten minds and release the elitism of the whisky world through bespoke tasting experiences that will change the way you drink it. The Whisky Rebellion. A liberation of fine spirits.


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